The Palm Springs Hospitality Association is a non-profit business association whose focus is to increase tourism in Palm Springs while representing the interests of its hospitality members. It provides a voice for restaurateurs, hoteliers, lodging providers, attractions and suppliers who work with the Palm Springs City Government and its Tourism Offices. PSHA is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the members. Some of PSHA’s many accomplishments include: Voluntarily raising room taxes to fund the Palm Springs Convention Center Expansion Privatizing Tourism Voluntarily raising room taxes to increase tourism advertising Supporting industry-friendly candidates for City Council Funding and participating in bringing new events to Palm Springs Increasing industry visibility by establishing “honorary Memberships” for council members and other civic leaders. Saving members thousands of tax dollars by clarifying and helping redirect the City’s Rent Control Ordinance and forms. Establishing the first and continuing to sponsor Palm Springs Restaurant Week. Advising on the City’s sign ordinance. Advising on City Home Rental policy PSHA members make up the PB&J Tourism Advisory Committee Working with City Council to establish annual increases to the Tourism budget Co-sponsoring the Best of the Best Awards dinner recognizing the industries best workers Presenting annual Show Me Palm Springs event to showcase Palm Springs’ restaurants and attractions to valley- wide concierges and front desk staff Ensuring that members were represented on the Tourism Commission. Ensuring Palm Springs industry representation of the valley-wide CVB board and committees. The 2016 Board of Directors for the Palm Springs Hospitality Association include:  Vinnie Bucci (President), John Shay (Vice President), Tony Bruggemans (Secretary), Aftab Dada (Treasurer), Mike McLean (Membership Chair), Marco Rossetti (Programs Chair), Vinnie Bucci, JC Constant, Tim Ellis, Kurt Englund, Michael Green, Ray Lovato (Honorary Member), Tony Marchese, Joy Meredith, Eric Morcus, Vanessa Perera, Mindy Reed, Bob Schneider, and Andrew Starke.

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